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Established in the year 2003 by promoter Mr.Tulsi Vinod Prasad as a Distributor of BHARAT PETROLEUM INDUSTRIAL LUBES with a vision to give expertise service and to serve the industry.An insatiable hunger for growth, ample hard work and excellent customer relations have ensured an enviable track record for an organization which has emerged as the best-performing Industrial Lubricant Distributor and Primary Lubricant Distributor scaling superlative performances year after year over the last two decades.

Raising capital for business was another challenge for him. This was addressed by borrowing money from bank against their ancestral property as collateral. Once this concern was out of the way, he launched a partnership firm in 2001. To begin with, they worked as Lubricants Business Associates (LBAs), facilitating B2B supplies to industries on behalf of Bharat Petroleum. Then, in 2003, they were appointed as Industrial Lubricant Distributors (ILD). The next big jump for them came when they further strengthened their association with Bharat Petroleum by taking up the Primary Lubricants Distributorship (PLD) in the year 2009.

Since Vinod was working for a lubricant’s setup of ndianOil, he noted that Bharat Petroleum did not have much of a presence in the market. He recognized that if MAK products were given impetus by building a strong consumer network, this could act as a disruptor.


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