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Established in the year 2003 by promoter Mr.Tulsi Vinod Prasad as a Distributor of BHARAT PETROLEUM INDUSTRIAL LUBES with a vision to give expertise service and to serve the industry.An insatiable hunger for growth, ample hard work and excellent customer relations have ensured an enviable track record for an organization which has emerged as the best-performing Industrial Lubricant Distributor and Primary Lubricant Distributor scaling superlative performances year after year over the last two decades.

Raising capital for business was another challenge for him. This was addressed by borrowing money from bank against their ancestral property as collateral. Once this concern was out of the way, he launched a partnership firm in 2001. To begin with, they worked as Lubricants Business Associates (LBAs), facilitating B2B supplies to industries on behalf of Bharat Petroleum. Then, in 2003, they were appointed as Industrial Lubricant Distributors (ILD). The next big jump for them came when they further strengthened their association with Bharat Petroleum by taking up the Primary Lubricants Distributorship (PLD) in the year 2009.

Since Vinod was working for a lubricant’s setup of ndianOil, he noted that Bharat Petroleum did not have much of a presence in the market. He recognized that if MAK products were given impetus by building a strong consumer network, this could act as a disruptor.
All-time Record Performances

In 2003, the year in which they were appointed as an Industrial Lubricant Distributor, they could achieve sales of only 2 KL in that entire financial year. This could have dissuaded many, but not this duo, who continued to put in their untiring efforts without being discouraged whatsoever. Actually, on the contrary, they upped their goal manifold, with an aim to reach a volume of 100 barrels (21 KL every month). Driven by a rock-solid determination, they were able to achieve this target within 18 months. With each subsequent success, they kept lunging at the next higher target, making the ILD grow consistently year on year. In 2009, they were awarded the Primary Lubricants Distributorship (PLD), upon which they became Automotive Distributors for MAK lubricants as well.

Recognition and Accolades
  • Highest-selling ILD in the history of Bharat Petroleum
  • No. 1 Industrial Lubes Distributors for 7 years
  • No. 1 All-India Industrial Lubes Distributors in Southern Region for 10 years
  • 'Grease Champion' for selling highest volume of greases Champion of Champion award
  • Best Channel Partner award
Words of Praise

Our Territory Manager, Mihir Jyoti Dutta, who has close interaction with Koundinya Enterprises on day-to-day basis, articulates his impressions of the ILD:
"Mr. Vinod Kumar have been associated brand MAK since the last 20 years. Theirs has been a story of consistent growth, perseverance and unflinching loyalty to the MAK brand, which has translated into phenomenal gains in the market. Last year they clocked 1.3 TMT, which is the highest volume achieved by a MAK distributor till date. They are an envy of competition and our pride. With a full-fledged marketing and service teams, Koundinya Enterprises has been able to grow from strength to strength each year. We convey our congratulations to them, as they cross yet another monumental milestone in their journey with MAK this year. We firmly believe that they have just embarked upon their flight of growth, which will take our brand to even newer heights in the coming years."

Mihir Jyoti Dutta, Territory Manager (Lubes), Secunderabad


Sri. Tulsi Vinod Prasad, B.Com - 25 Years Of Experience

Mr. TULSI VINOD PRASAD had started his career as an employee in a reputed oil lubrication distributer company. After working for few years as a marketing intern and employee decided to use his gained knowledge in marketing and applied for BHARAT PETROLEUM LUBES distribution in the year 2003. The BPCL gave him the dealership based upon his skills for HYDERABAD.

The story of Koundinya Enterprises is almost like a fairy tale or something straight out of a fictional movie, where one person from modest professional background decide to take a plunge into the fiercely competitive world of business with an uncommon courage and reach the pinnacle of success. This sounds like an ideal scenario, but a dynamic person has achieved this dream emphatically with his steely determination and relentless efforts.

Under his guidance the company has grown in leaps and bounds and reached a stage of excellence in the field. His charismatic personality and his ability to connect people helped him achieve great heights and success. From a small company with very little resources at his disposable, He has come a long way and made a trustworthy name in INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANT DISTRIBUTOR business.

His motto in life is to work hard,be humble and caring to others.

He has mentored other young persons in various businesses and has been very supportive.

He connects with all his employees and always strive to work for their welfare. A soft spoken and friendly nature, he has made all fall to his charm.With a vision to excel he has many milestonesto achieve in life.


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